Live - Ghostland Observatory @ Austin Music Hall | Austin

After seeing the insanity that is known as Ghostland Observatory last September at Austin City Limits, I was giddy with excitement for Friday night's show at Austin Music Hall. Not only was this my first time to see the duo since ACL, but it was also their sold out CD release party/show in our hometown of Austin.

I had not been to Austin Music Hall since it was remodeled, and for those of y'all out there that haven't either, imagine a big tin barn on the inside. Looks aside, we were ready for the party. A quick trip to the loo, and weaving our way through the sold out crowd, my crew found a spot that was perfect for viewing, and with enough room for dancing. After being in New York City for four years, I have come to the conclusion that I was somewhat spoiled with shows up there. Headliners seemed to go on earlier, and the crowds (for the most part) were civil. Everyone stood in his or her own place, and didn't make a point to grind on strangers. (Some drunk girls rubbed up several members of my posse.) Additionally, people didn't wear Indian headdresses, nor take photos of themselves the whole duration of the concert, rather than the performing act. On the flip, it was amazing to see about 3,000 people come together to support a "local" band. That almost never happened in any of the other cities that I have lived.

Semi-douchey crowd aside, Ghostland Observatory kicked ass. The energy Aaron and Thomas possess is not only off the charts, it's infectious. Playing most of the new songs off of their latest, Robotique Majestique was a given, but the favorites included the pounding "Heavy Heart," the danceable "Freeheart Lover," the darker "No Place For Me," and slower jam "Dancing On My Grave." When the older "Sad Sad City" came up, the audience morphed into a throbbing and pulsating mass unit, with concertgoers chanting along to all the words. Little did we know that the coolest part of the night was coming up next.

I didn't go to UT Austin. My mother did, as well as several of my best friends. I know they bleed orange and white, so I couldn't help but smile when I saw the UT marching band jump onstage to play along with one of the last songs of the night, "The Band Marches On." Peep the video; it was pretty impressive, even to the non-UT kids in the crowd.

"The Band Marches On"

Closing with an encore and "Move With Your Lover," the hour and half set ended just as high as it began, and with a very sincere Aaron Behrens giving his gratitude to his fellow Austinites. If you have never seen Ghostland Observatory live yet, you still have a chance as they are going to be touring soon.

Photo by Ultra8201

Ghostland Observatory


Live - Ghostland Observatory @ Austin Music Hall | Austin