Live - Noise Pop Day Three | SF

How much do I love you, dear Tripwire readers? Enough to call six different people to borrow their digital camera, enough to drink four mixed cocktails in 50 minutes, and enough to eat sweet and sour pork at a place called Sega Chinese, all before 10 PM and actually going to shows.

I love you guys a lot! I do it for the kids, you know.

Night three of the Noise Pop party week promised some epic times, and I thankfully was not disappointed. As I was ready to depart from my humble abode to the FADER happy hour at the Diesel store in downtown SF, I discovered my digital camera was broken - not even turning on despite my desperate cries and screams of anger. I threw that shit across the room before calling everyone on my speed dial in a panic. No drunk pictures at all were not acceptable, especially since the happy hour was going to feature DJ sets by local superstar Omar and indie darlings Scissors For Lefty, stellastarr* and Film School. Rock star central, hello.

Here is my path for the night (not even including going to any shows just yet):

After several attempts for others, my dear friend Stuart was able to provide me with a point and shoot camera, so I swung by his digs before finally sailing to the happy hour. Four buses, one cab, and 140 minutes later, I finally was able to step down the Diesel stairs relatively unscathed.

It was time for some drinks. Namely, some neon colored drinks.

The thing about Noise Pop is that the happy hours are either only for badge holders or out in Potrero Hill, which can either be a bummer and/or tiresome to drive from a non-central location to your venue of choice, especially if you don't have a car (raising hand). The FADER party was open to the public and on multiple transit lines, thus explaining why there were a shit ton of people crammed by some jeans, chugging vodka. I was so in love.

All the hipsters were out to play, and at one point I realized I knew nearly everyone in a 10-person radius of me because (a) I'd worked with them, (b) or worked with someone they knew, or (c) totally thought they were hot at one point. Too many indie boy crushes in one room can kill a girl, but totally made up for the fact I missed Port O'Brien's acoustic set. I was so bummed, but the DJs provided said hipsters out with a definitive collection of their greatest hits, ranging from The Sounds to Calvin Harris, and at one point me and my crew and my friend Kristin's crew all made it out to the dance floor to shake it, everyone grabbing asses and hugging each other and pumping fists in the air and me somehow kissing both my friend Joy and Jerry back to back.

Fucking vodka. (Thank you friends!)

After the booze stopped flowing, it was time to get to business - music business. Hipster cigarettes in hand (Parliaments, to be sure), we decided to hop to one more bar to argue whether or not we were going to see Working For A Nuclear Free City, or A Place To Bury Strangers. We stumbled into a Union Square joint where we then invaded the bathroom for some illegal activity...

Drunk food needed to be had, so we barreled into a pizza joint with a Chinese wing attached. Somehow I thought it made sense to get chow mein instead of a combo piece of pie, and we all sat down at the bar schlepping food into our mouths. It was only the next morning when I retrieved the receipt in my coat pocket I saw the place we went to was named Sega Chinese. I mean, really? I don't like to associate Sonic the Hedgehog with eggrolls, but now I will forever. I don't think I'd ever go there sober...

Dinner time enabled us to make a decision, so we had to say goodbye to Nuclear due to us crisscrossing across the city (again, with the car thing...). My friend Becca picked me up to zip down to Bottom of the Hill to catch the last part of A Place, and to ready ourselves for Holy Fuck. We drank and smoked legal and illegal substances both in her car before heading in, which made for an epic dance party. Holy Fuck again delivered the electronic jam band component, opening their set with my favorite, "The Pulse" and conquering more ambient tunes like "Lovely Allen," which has a very sweetly crafted synth as a main hook, and !!!-meets-LCD Soundsystem tune "Royal Gregory," pulling out the rhythm section for a spin. These know what the hell they're doing, and nail each twist of the knob and pound of the keys with such precision it's hard not to move.

The only thing I could have done without were these core group of kids who were half-slam dancing, half-spazzing out behind me, pushing everyone in sight and screaming "Ho-ly Fu-ckkkkkkk!!!" in between every other song. Even in my inebriated state I wanted to punch 'em in the babymakers. Every last one of 'em.
Such a fantastic dance party wore us out, and we headed to a late night taqueria on our way home to devour some taco and burrito goodness. I made it home in the wee hours of the night only to pass out on a bunch of stuff on my bed and wake up the next morning hungry for more carne asada. My weekend was only getting started.

Noise Pop

Live - Noise Pop Day Three | SF