Nine Inch Nails Offers 25% Of Album For Free

Although we had no clue that a new "album" from Mr. Trent Reznor was even on the way, well, here it is. The latest from Nine Inch Nails is a four-volume collection of thirty-six untitled instrumental tracks. Titled Ghosts I-IV, the nearly two-hours of Reznor madness was recorded over ten weeks this past fall.

Rather than attempt to explain this musical experiment, here is the direct quote from the official press release: "...Trent Reznor enlisted Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder with help from Alessandro Cortini, Adrian Belew and Brian Viglione to create spontaneous, impulsive soundtracks to daydreams with no agenda or release date, only a self-imposed 10-week time limit. Rob Sheridan collaborated with Artist in Residence (A+R) to create the accompanying visual and physical aesthetic."

If that isn't enough to make your head spin, you now have to decide exactly how much you want to spend on purchasing the tunes. For starters, following in the footsteps of Radiohead, The Charlatans and his buddy Saul Williams, this NIN record is available for free download starting now. Well, a portion of it. If you want to spend zero of your hard earned dollars, you will only receive nine tracks which are DRM-Free, 320 kpbs, along with a forty-page PDF, some computer wallpapers, icons and random graphics tools. For $5, you can get all 36 tracks, along with the same other stuff from the freebie.

If you want the physical CDs, you'll be spending $10, which will also include all the goodies from the online downloads. This will be available starting on April 8. Now if you happen to be an obsessed uber-fan, perhaps you'll want to up the ante by spending $75 for the limited edition deluxe package. This comes with a hardcover book, which contains 2 audio CDs, 1 data DVD of all 36 tracks, an exclusive slide show, plus photos by Philip Graybill and Rob Sheridan. The discs and book art housed in a fabric slipcover.

Now, for the Reznor FANATIC, you might decide to go donate some plasma to dish out $300 for the ultra-deluxe limited edition package. You'll get everything included in the regular limited edition, along with four pieces of 180 gram vinyl and two limited edition Giclee prints . This will be limited to 2,500 pieces, which are numbered and signed by Mr. Industrial himself. Did you just poop yourself?

You can pre-order any of the fancy-shmancy versions at

Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails Offers 25% Of Album For Free