Merge Opens Digital Store

One of the best indies out there, Merge Records, has stepped up to the plate and opened up the digital doors to their very own online store. Yes, you will get high quality MP3 and CD-quality FLAC files.

So how is this different than ordering that Shout Out Louds album through iTunes? Well, if you go through Merge's store, you not only get the personal service that Merge typically provides (thinking of an episode of The Office), but you will also have access to rare, out of print and exclusive new material that won't be available anywhere else. You'll get access to the full album art and liner notes to boot.

All this news make you want to run out and buy something from the site? Why don't you start with the out-of-print Superchunk Clambake Series Volume One: Acoustic in-stores East and West?

Merge Digital Store

Merge Opens Digital Store