Old 97's Return With Blame It On Gravity

For a few years, music fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas had a band that we simply couldn't keep a secret for long. The Old 97's mixed a perfect blend of rock, punk and country that spawned such great songs as "W-I-F-E," "Stoned" and "Timebomb." Rhett Miller, the band's frontman, even embarked on a solo career, putting the band's future into question. Well, fortunately the ol' locomotive never stopped chugging along, which brings us to the band's upcoming seventh studio album.

Blame It On Gravity marks the band's first album in four years, this time teaming up with up-and-coming producer Salim Nourallah. We've heard comparisons to their classic album Too Far To Care, so consider us VERY curious about this one. Hell, we're just happy to see that Rhett, Murry Hammond, Ken Bethea and Philip Peeples are still cranking out tunes. The album will hit stores on May 13 via New West Records. The Old 97's will also take their show on the road for three weeks in June. Once we get the confirmed dates, we'll be sure to pass them along.

Blame It On Gravity
01. "The Fool"
02. "Dance With Me"
03. "No Baby I"
04. "My Two Feet"
05. "Ride"
06. "She Loves The Sunset"
07. "This Beautiful Thing"
08. "I Will Remain"
09. "Early Morning"
10. "The Easy Way"
11. "Here's To The Halcyon"
12. "Color Of A Lonely Heart Is Blue"
13. "The One"

Old 97's

Old 97's Return With Blame It On Gravity