Sigur Ros Screening On YouTube Tomorrow

If you have yet to purchase a copy of Sigur Ros' documentary DVD, perhaps because you wanted to see it before you bought it, you're now in luck. The Icelandic group will be taking over the homepage of YouTube tomorrow, where they will be showing Heima in its entirety. Sure, it would look as good or sound as awesome as it would on your television, but at least you'll get to check it out.

Not only will their full documentary appear on the homepage, they will also be taking over all twelve video spots on the page as well. It is a full-blown Sigur Ros takeover! The other clips will be the ten best entries in the "minn heima" competition, of which it is now too late to enter. We can also expect to see a special message from the band, so get ready to waste lots of time at work tomorrow. Hey, it will be Friday, so sit back, relax and don't let your boss catch ya.

Heima Trailer

Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros Screening On YouTube Tomorrow