Traveling To Austin This Week?

If you are flying in to Austin today for the yearly music industry spring break, make sure you grab an extra magazine and load up your iPod with a few extra tunes, as chances are your flight is going to be delayed. The weather today, well, sucks. Thunderstorms have popped up since early this morning, which have caused delays on the roadways as well as at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Need some new tunes to help keep the boredom from setting in while your delayed flight forces you to spend another hour or two at the gate? If you haven't snagged it already, download our most recent Tripwire Podcast, hosted by Robert English. Plenty of bands performing in Austin this week are included, so you might discover a few new artists that you could want to add to your must-see list.

For those of you flying Tuesday or Wednesday, the weather will be much better so you should have smooth sailing. At least that is what the current forecast states, but this is Texas, so that could change in the blink of an eye.

Download - Tripwire Podcast 034

Traveling To Austin This Week?