Tonight - Art Disaster No.5 In Austin

So you arrived in Austin with a day to spare before the madness begins. "What should I do?," you ask yourself after finishing off a plate of tasty migas from Kirby Lane. Well, if you were in our shoes, we got the perfect kickoff event for you to attend. You have to RSVP here before 12pm today, and you might want to show up early. Warm up your eardrums, it's time for Art Distaster No.5.

City On Fire, Little Radio, and Beauty Bar present:
Odic Force magazine launch
Tuesday, March 11th, 7pm-2am
Beauty Bar (617 East 7th Street)

Outside Stage
1:05-1:45am Belaire
12:10p-12:45am Brothers And Sisters
11:15-11:50pm The Black and White Years
10:20-10:55pm Golden Bear
9:25-10 pmThe Pity Party
8:30-9:05pm Sunset
7:40-8:15pm AM Syndicate
7:00-7:25pm Gangi

Outside DJs between bands
10:30-2am Angels of Decks DJs (London)
7-10:30pm - DJ Keiron (Scotland)

Inside Stage
1:00-2am DJ Orion vs. Abominatron with Shunda K of Yo' Majesty
12:30-1:00am Restaurant
11:40-12:10am The Strange Boys
10:50p-11:20pm Those Peabodys
10:00-10:30pm Scorpion Child
9:10-9:40pm Murdocks
8:20-8:50pm The Mercers
7:30-8:00pm Future Clouds and Radar

Inside DJs between bands
7-2am Orion vs. Abominatron

Free liquor for from 7-8pm, Happy Hour prices after

Poster art show by City On Fire

Odic Force magazine launch party

Benefit Tables
KOOP 91.7fm (their studios were burned down by an arson)
SIMS Foundation (mental health benefits for musicians)
KVRX 91.7fm (college non-profit radio)

Tonight - Art Disaster No.5 In Austin