Levi's/FADER Fort - Fanfarlo + Dead Confederate + The Whigs + The Kills

Today has been off to a bang here at the Levi's/FADER Fort in sunny Austin, TX. The Tripwire HQ has had some great acoustic performances so far, which we will be posting throughout the week. London's Fanfarlo were first, cramming our small room with all six of their band members. Once they wrapped up a couple of brilliant pop songs, we were left scratching our heads, wondering why they are still unsigned. After their performances this week, that may no longer be the case. For those of you coming to The Fort, they will be taking the stage here on Friday at 4:45pm, during The Tripwire's curated lineup. You will NOT want to miss them.

Up next we kicked off a double banger of rock from Athens, GA. We kicked off the southern jams with the guys from Dead Confederate. It was simply amazing, filling up our room with washes of reverb-soaked guitars and loud-ass chords. As they left, the guys made sure that we gave The Whigs some shit, as they're buddies from home, and were also up next here for an acoustic session. Unlike our other two sessions of the day, The Whigs rolled in completely unplugged. We will be showing you a few songs they taped with us, including the amazing "Right Hand On My Heart," which is on their sophomore release, Mission Control.

As for the main stage, we've enjoyed the danceable greatness of The Whip as well Tripwire favorites The Kills. Their set kicked off with their brilliant single "U.R.A. Fever," with a dirty rockin' beat and plenty of hotness oozing from VV and Hotel. Their chemistry is unlike anything else out there, with more than enough stage antics to make the duo as fascinating visually as they are over the PA. The crowd was packed and loving every second of it. If people weren't pumped about their upcoming new album, Midnight Boom, I am positive that they are now.

We've now got Foreign Born about to record an acoustic session, so we'll be back in a bit. Stay tuned.

Levi's/FADER Fort - Fanfarlo + Dead Confederate + The Whigs + The Kills