Levi's/FADER Fort - Chikita Violenta

Coming straight outta Mexico City, Chikita Violenta opened up a serious bottle of Mexican charm on the patrons of this year's Levis/FADER Fort. Knowing absolutely nothing about these guys going into their set, aside from the constant thought of women carrying fruit atop their heads, offering bananas, they surprised all with their almost nervous smiles (this was their first show outside of Mexico City!), driving guitars and cool hats.

Despite a setback or two (mics knocked down, bass pedals out of whack), they managed to plow through a solid set and showcase a few numbers from their latest album, The Stars and Suns Sessions, an album which apparently has some heavy hitting guest stars offering support (members of BSS). Overall a great set, and an interest perked from our friendly neighbors to the South.

Chikita Violenta

Levi's/FADER Fort - Chikita Violenta