Levi's/FADER Fort - Fanfarlo

Every SXSW I come away with one band that stands out as the breakout artist of the festival. Beyond a doubt, the group that has blown me away is London's Fanfarlo. They stopped by the Levi's/FADER Fort on Wednesday for a Tripwire Acoustic Session, it was obvious that these lads (and lady) were amazing, but once we saw them plugged in on the main stage, that definitely sealed the deal.

The amazing part of the set to watch the crowd, which started off with a lack of interest in the group (as they are largely unknown here on our shores), but as Fanfarlo completed their first song, a vast majority of attendees drifted towards the stage and quickly had everybody's attention. Their Arcade Fire-ish pop, such as on the memorable "Sand An Ice," "Fire Escape" and "We Live By The Lake" came across as if they were already smash hits here in the US indie world. Keep a lookout for this UK-based sextet, as they will most definitely be the talk of the town, especially after this week of musical chaos wraps up.

Stay tuned for more from Fanfarlo, as you'll be reading much more about them when they become one of our upcoming On The Cover artists.


Levi's/FADER Fort - Fanfarlo