Levi's/FADER Fort - The Stills

The Penultimate act of the Tripwire-curated day at the Levis/FADER Fort was filled with a pleasant surprise of new material from Canadian rockers The Stills. While they started and finished with familiar tracks ("Lola Stars and Stripes," "In The Beginning"), the cream filling was nothing but new material, presumably off of their upcoming Arts & Crafts debut.

The new material felt like a perfect blend of the band's previous two efforts and included "Snake-Charming The Masses", a track they recently teased us with via a very fiery, drum-fueled video. Bringing the place down before English pop sensation Duffy took the stage, The Stills were a definite crowd pleaser, and managed to leave the crowd in that awesome state of flux - completely satisfied, yet craving more. This summer can't come soon enough.

The Stills

Levi's/FADER Fort - The Stills