Giant Drag Asks Fans To Assist With Funding New Album

When you have no budget for recording your new album, what do you do? If you're Annie from Giant Drag, you reach out to your fans for help. Truly putting her career in the hands of Giant Drag's fans, she has been asking those who may have a few extra dollars in their pockets to donate via PayPal. It is tough times for bands, but it is cool to see that some people have enough loyalty to the band that they'll cough up a few bucks to help eventually get a new album in their hands. Here is what Annie had to say about the Giant Drag Relief Fund:

"i have proved myself to paypal to be...myself and they have re-activated the donation button for the Giant Drag Relief Fund to get this record paid for (even though those assholes are taking a percentage of every donation, jerks) and to put the random grape in my belly. so if you'd like to lend a hand and be a part of the next Giant Drag record please go donate. soon i will announce the rewards for the specific donation amounts sometime later and Audreytern will help me keep records of everyone's donations/total amounts. its been brought to my attention that jill sobule (she sang that song about kissing a girl) did this...i'd like to believe it was my idea first and i just needed help to do the dang thing. i'm told she has prizes like "for X amount you get to have your name in a song and maybe even have it rhyme with something"...sorry, i am not going to do that, unless someone donates 75 grand in which case i will name the whole album after you. but hopefully my rewards will be just as fulfilling without being so...uh... not my style? to donate please go to and see the button in the Bio section, or just use if you know your way around paypal."

Giant Drag

Giant Drag Asks Fans To Assist With Funding New Album