New Raconteurs Out Next Week

Gone are the days of setting up albums months in advance, putting extravagant promotional campaigns and marketing plans into motion well before it hits stores. Radiohead and NIN swooped in with new records over the past few months, announcing their arrival just days before making them available for download. The latest to follow this quick method of announcing and releasing albums is The Raconteurs, who will make Consolers Of The Lonely available on March 25.

The interesting part of The Raconteurs' approach to releasing this album is that they are making it available in all formats at once, rather than placing it online first, then on CD, and then eventually on vinyl. To make this happen, the band has opted to do no traditional album setup, skipping out on interviews and setting up advertisements prior to release.

Consolers Of The Lonely will contain fourteen tracks, with a global release set through Third Man Records, along with XL Recordings and Warner Brothers Records. As the music biz continues to circle the drain, it is refreshing to see another band breaking the mold by not following the traditional, stale methods of promoting an album. We're definitely interested in hearing the latest from The Raconteurs, which we'll be able to do in just a matter of days.

The Raconteurs

New Raconteurs Out Next Week