Ryan Adams Launches Blog + Works On New Album

After posting video after video up on his YouTube channel, the non-stop creative mind of Ryan Adams has shifted gears to his newly launched blog, dradamsfilms.com. He has a few new clips posted, along with plenty of stream-of-consciousness blogging to keep die-hard fans entertained. After sifting through a few of his posts, we did stumble upon the fact that a new album is indeed in the works.

Here is what Adams had to say about the songwriting process thus far: "So I won't be Fickle-Blogging here this week. I have to write this record. I mean, this is the second draft. By second draft I mean, this is a whole new batch of tunes. The last batch was fine and maybe even some of it was rad. But my head did not catch on fire. At least not totally. I am sure I burnt more than a few by accident but all that house dust acted as a wonderful repellent."

Could we here a new record from Ryan this year? Perhaps. We'll keep an eye on his blog for further updates.

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams Launches Blog + Works On New Album