Of Montreal + MGMT = Blikk Fang

Did you hear that? What you just heard was the sound of hipsters screaming in excitement. Rare thing for them, we know. So what would get those motionless show goers moving to the front of the crowd? Only the news that Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes has teamed up with MGMT's Andrew Wyngarden to start a new side project called Blikk Fang.

Originally started as a joke, the duo seems to have changed their tune with some possible future releases. According to Gigwise, "Chocolate Bobka Barnes' Of Montreal band mate the Late BP Helium said: '(Barnes and VanWyngarden have) been half-jokingly writing songs for each other for a while. Kevin will think of an absurd title and tell Andrew to write a song...and then he does! And vice versa. But now, it will be more collaborative.'"

Word has it that working titles for songs include "Dead Dogs," "Pleasure Cunt" and "Hypnotic Agents." In the meantime, check out some tracks on their Purevolume page.

Blikk Fang

Of Montreal + MGMT = Blikk Fang