Get A Free Ride To Coachella

Now that you have the updated lineup and "VIP" camping conditions worked out for this year's Coachella, we are now going to tell you how to get there. The festival is offering up a free train ride from Los Angeles to Indio for the first time this year. This way you can get to know your fellow campers before the event, and relive the magic on the way back home.

So how does it work? Goldenvoice has teamed up with Amtrak for the Coachella Express, which will wisk you away from Los Angeles' Union Station to Indio's Empire Polo Field. Goldenvoice President, Paul Tollet spoke with Billboard saying, "I think it's the first time (Amtrak has) has ever done anything like this for a music festival. Anything we can do on a big level is what we're pushing for."

Interested in the free ride? Reservations are on a first come/first serve basis through, and the train will hold 500 campers. All aboard!


Get A Free Ride To Coachella