Submit Material For An Upcoming Verve Documentary

With the news of The Verve reuniting and finally coming over to our shores for a few shows, it was only a matter of time before somebody decided it was a good idea to capture the whole thing for everyone. We're glad they did too.

Manchester based filmmakers Soup Collective are currently working on a documentary that covers the recent Verve tour, as well as taking a peek at the legacy created by the legendary band. So what's the best part of the whole thing? They are looking for past and present stories from fans.

In a message on The Verve's MySpace page, they stated, "If you are interested in submitting a story, they are looking for moments in your life past and present that hold some connection with The Verve, whether it's a song that pinpoints a specific moment in time, or a memory from a gig. Also, given that these gigs have came almost a decade after their previous performance, if you were fortunate enough to see them back then and also recently, what has changed in your life in between? How does hearing the songs again sit with memories of hearing them first time round?"

Sounds interesting! To submit suggestions, email Good luck and hope to see you in the film!

The Verve


Submit Material For An Upcoming Verve Documentary