Video - The Acorn "Flood Pt. 1"

Canadian indie-folksters The Acorn have recently posted the video for their track "Flood Pt. 1," a cut from their album Glory Hope Mountain. The Christopher Mills-directed clip is visually stunning, complete with quite a storyline. Here is the not-so-brief explanation of the story behind this impressive video:

Flood Pt. 1 is a modern fable with many hidden meanings in the video's several twists and turns.

A penny falls from the sky and begins a cataclysmic chain of events.

A glacier falls from a subarctic cliff and wakes a giant who sleeps beneath the sea.

The angry giant unleashes his fury in the form of a Tsunami which forms into evil storm clouds that spew rain storms of treasure and gold into a bucolic river, where our hero (and heroine) are picking snails.

The two escape the storm in their small boat, and are carried on this current of disaster. Joined by a wise old snail, they witnesss burning carnivals, Escaped zoo animals, and trashed trailer parks, and other such melee as they make their way to the shore.

They dance with lions, and cross a desert, cluttered with dinosaur bones and hidden treasures, and climb on board a flying turtle who takes them on a harrowing journey into the sky, through the carnival, and to a safe place in the grass.

They plant a snail and are catapulted into outer space, saved by a forgotten satellite.

As they peer down towards the earth, a penny falls from our heroine's pocket, starting the chain all over again.

The video was largely hand-crafted in the winter of 2007 / 08 by a dedicated team of welders, illustrators, dancers, model makers and animators. The story is told using a bizarre range of life-sized dancing drawings, to raw archival video footage, to puppets made of foam to glaciers made out of wedding cake.

"Flood Pt. 1"

The Acorn

Video - The Acorn "Flood Pt. 1"