Freedom Wind

Is it possible to talk about the Explorer's Club penchant for sunny, summertime fun and falsetto harmonies and not mention the Beach Boys? I don't think so, but I'll do my best.

South Carolina's Explorer's Club seem to have spent a lot of time soaking up the sun and listening to the glorious hits created in the 60's before they banded together to make music. You almost have to force yourself to listen close enough to distinguish their sound from that of those bands who made early 60's summertime fun music. With a few indie-differences the Explorer's Club have released a debut record that will keep the kids surfing and the ladies swooning.

There are a lot of elements borrowed from those who influenced them. Opening track "Forever" steals the intro to the Ronette's "Be My Baby," but quickly pours its own musical cement into the foundation of the (musical) house that Phil Spector built. (That's 60's Phil Spector, not the controversial Spector of today.)

Midway through the album a slow jam called "Summer Air" pushes through and creates a beautiful, soft score to a moonlight stroll down the beach. You and your steady walk side by side with your hands in each other's back pockets, casting wishes on falling stars hoping the summer never ends.

The Explorer's Club apparently doesn't only occupy the beachfront. "In The Country" features an upright piano and some steel guitar effects, not to mention a little accordion and banjo for good measure. Still, the most noticeable thing about this boys club is the picture perfect harmonies they create."Last Kiss" is the song that will make you put on your baggies, grab your board and hit the waves until the sun goes down. Hang Ten!

This whole album is a walk down memory lane in your modern day retro Adidas sneakers. If you're like me and you could never quite get into the Beach Boys (I know, Pet Sounds is the greatest album ever created... you've told me many times over) The Explorer's Club is a safe place to start. The water is deep enough to dive in, but if you would rather wade around in the music before jumping head first - this is a safe album that will not let you down.

MP3 Download - "Do You Love Me?"

The Explorers Club


Freedom Wind