Live – Chikita Violenta, Broken Social Scene, The National @ Indie-O Fest | Mexico City

Over the weekend newcomers Chikita Violenta shared the stage with Broken Social Scene and The National in Mexico City. The show was treated as a warm up for Chikita’s west coast summer tour that is being routed out now, and it was also the first show in Mexico for The National and Broken Social Scene.

A Tripwire reader was there and witnessed the event first hand and reported back to us, “We had a great time and it was an amazing show with a killer lineup. Chikita opened the night and Kevin Drew joined on stage for ‘Laydown.’ The National played a tight set composed mostly of songs from Boxer and Alligator. Right after The National, BSS’ Andrew Whiteman played a couple of songs from his Apostle of Hustle project, then BSS took the stage to blast us with their awesomeness. They invited D’nis from Hello Seahorse and Jimena Sariñana to sing ’74 Shoreline’ and ‘Almost Crimes’ respectively. BSS also invited a local mariachi horn section leaded by Charles Spearin for the song ‘It’s All Gonna Break.’ The 3 bands jumped on stage for ‘Stars & Sons’ and called it a night. Also notice Kevin Drew’s T-shirt, Emo vs Punk peace message.”

Keep checking back with us, as we will have an acoustic session from Chikita Violenta coming soon. In the meantime, peep the photos from Saturday’s Indie-O Fest in Mexico City.

The National

Apostle Of Hustle

Broken Social Scene

Chikita Violenta

Photos by Benedicte Desrus

Chikita Violenta

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