New Depeche Mode Album On The Way... Or Is It?

Depeche Mode has pulled a few fast ones on fans during April Fools' Day, and this year is no exception. A news post on their official website yesterday claimed that on April 8, you will be able to pick up a copy of Toast Hawaii, an album that was named after Fletch's favorite food item at the recording studio cafeteria (which also became the name of his record label) during the sessions for Black Celebration.

Toast Hawaii is a full album of "oldies" (oldies???????) that Depeche Mode recorded during a break from the Black Celebration sessions back in 1986. Until now, only a handful of close friends of the band have heard the album, which was actually thought to be lost until Martin Gore found a cassette copy. It was extensively remastered, and will now be available for purchase.

Now, we almost believed the news, until a couple of random factoids popped up. For starters, the pricing threw us off a bit, as it is cheaper to buy a copy autographed by Fletch than an unautographed one. So zany! Also, there is a link to a thirty-second clip of their rendition of "Tutti Frutti," which only sends you to the website credits. Depeche Mode covering "Tutti Frutti"??? Classic!

Now this sounds like a mighty good April Fool's joke, although hearing Dave Gahan belting out some oldies would make for a rather amusing listen. Ah yes, you almost fooled us Depeche Mode... ALMOST! Nice try lads! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS' DAY!

Depeche Mode

New Depeche Mode Album On The Way... Or Is It?