Radiohead's "Nude" Remix Project Is Underway

Giving fans an opportunity to remix your music has the potential to yield some interesting results. Radiohead is currently running a contest along with iTunes and GarageBand, where the band is asking fans to remix their song "Nude" using pieces (or "stems") of the track that are available for download. You can use their bass, vocals, guitar, strings/fx and drums in any way you desire, tossing in your own beats and arrangements for extra flavor.

The voting has already started on the remix website, which will conclude on May 1. For far the results are less than stunning, although the Holy Fuck mix is quite nice. After giving the others a quick listen, such as the painfully out of key Tidus Mix, hopefully some other fans are hard at work on their own versions. So hop to it, as you definitely have a good shot and being heard right now!

Radiohead Remix Website


Radiohead's "Nude" Remix Project Is Underway