Download - Chris Bathgate "Yes, I'm Cold"

Last June we reviewed the outstanding album A Cork Tale Wake from Ann Arbor-based singer/songwriter Chris Bathgate. With three albums now under his belt, he has decided to enter the realm of the EP with a new upcoming release, Wait, Skeleton. The songs were recorded in Evolution Helmet studios in Michigan as well as at Jim Roll's Backseat Productions, which was where Tale Wake was entirely tracked.

The EP features three brand new songs: "Causal Way," "Salt Year" and "Been Out All Night." The title track might seem a bit familiar for longtime Bathgate fans, as it appeared on his debut LP. It has been completely re-recorded, as were "Yes, I'm Cold" and "Cold Press Rail." Quite Scientific will be offering a limited edition handmade hardcover book version of the EP, going on sale April 22. There will only be 250 copies in this format, is you'll want to snag a copy quickly. Wait, Skeleton will also be released digitally on April 8.

To get a taste of the EP, download the re-recorded "Yes, I'm Cold" below.

MP3 Download - "Yes, I'm Cold"

Chris Bathgate

Download - Chris Bathgate "Yes, I'm Cold"