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Video: Sean Garrett f. Ludacris, "Grippin On The Bed"

Sean Garrett has written so many hit songs for so many people he is nicknamed The Pen, but like countless other behind-the-scenes'ers (Kanye, NeYo, the-Dream, Shaquille O'Neil, Tony Parker-Longoria) he is not content. He wants the world to hear his own voice, to speak in his own words with his own passionate vocal inflections! Which is awesome, because Sean Garrett is awesome. And of course, his words are more seductive than Tony Yayo, because when you're writing that much behind a desk (or on a BlackBerry), you have a lot of pent-up energy. As is evidenced by the video for his first single, where he is swaying, singing and freaking very seriously. Incidentally, this includes one of our favorite Ludacris verses in a hot minute.

Video: Sean Garrett f. Ludacris, "Grippin On The Bed"