Download - Bobby & Blumm "In Future Present"

We're consistently fascinated by the music coming from the small indie label Morr Music. You might recall our On The Cover feature with Seabear, who reside on the Morr Music roster. The latest is the duo Bobby & Blumm, who were introduced to each other in early 2007 by Thomas Morr. Bobby Baby and F.S. Blumm recorded their album Everybody Loves... north in Berlin in a small house at the edge of a forest. The results are some stunningly warm indie-folk, which you can sample by downloading the MP3 of "In Future Present."

The album will be released on April 29, so get ready to add this one to your Morr Music collection.

MP3 Download - "In Future Present"
Bobby & Blumm

Download - Bobby & Blumm "In Future Present"