Muse To Try Hand At Self-Producing Album

With the sheer amount of talent in the UK trio Muse, it comes as no surprise that the band is looking to self-produce their upcoming new album. This news comes from the British radio outlet XFM, who got a chance to chat with bassist Chris Wolstenholme after a recent show at the Royal Albert Hall.

During the interview, Wolstenholme spoke about their tentative plans for recording their next album. He said: "Supermassive Black Hole' was full on electronic, it was such a departure for us but it really worked. It was the first time we got really involved with the gear side of things ourselves. Before that we had to tell a producer "we want some kind of synth thing" but I think we're going to try and start [producing the next album] ourselves. It opens up a whole more experimental stuff that we can now do. But if it all goes tits up then we'll get someone else in!"

It should be mighty interesting to see what the lads come up with on their own. The single "Supermassive Black Hole" was a nice departure from the bombastic rock that typically comprised their previous albums, so we'll soon see if Muse continues to explore new territory in their new tunes. In fact, fans overseas may get to sample some of the new material during the band's upcoming double-headlining slot at the V Festival on August 16 & 17.


Muse To Try Hand At Self-Producing Album