Download - My Brightest Diamond "Inside A Boy"

It has been two years since we first experienced My Brightest Diamond's debut, Bring Me The Workhorse. Brooklyn's Shara Worden is back with her sophomore effort, A Thousand Shark's Teeth, which will be released on June 17 via Asthmatic Kitty. We're expecting some great things from this upcoming self-produced and self-arranged disc, and judging by the first track, it is going to be amazing. Download the breathtaking "Inside A Boy" below.

MP3 Download - "Inside A Boy"

A Thousand Shark's Teeth
01. "Inside A Boy"
02. "Ice And The Storm"
03. "If I Were Queen"
04. "Apples"
05. "From The Top Of The World"
06. "Black And Costaud"
07. "To Pluto's Moon"
08. "Bass Player"
09. "Goodbye Forever"
10. "Like A Sieve"
11. "The Diamond"

My Brightest Diamond

Download - My Brightest Diamond "Inside A Boy"