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As most super fans know, Jarvis Cocker attended film school at Saint Martin's College. While most people know him from his musical career as opposed to his film making one, there are pieces of his celluloid past floating around (he did an Aphex Twin video amongst others).

Tonight in Sheffield some of Jarvis' earliest film works from Saint Martin's College will be screened at the Showroom. Times like this make us wish that we lived in the UK. Trust us, we already hunted online to see if we could find clips of the short films, but it was a fruitless chase. You'll have to hit up the screening tonight if you want to view them, and check out The Guardian for the deets. Here are the descriptions of the films being shown in Jarvis' words:

Love Is Blue (1987)

This was the piece of work I showed at my interview for Saint Martins. I filmed it on a Standard 8 camera I found at a jumble sale. It was shot in the Sheaf Market, Sheffield (now demolished) and the music is by Claudine Longet. Amazingly enough, I got accepted.

Plastic Palace People (1988)

Stuff that I shot on the Standard 8 camera in Berlin, Sheffield, London and Blackpool - all edited to the soundtrack of my favourite Scott Walker song of that time. The baby in the film is now a fully grown woman of almost 20 years of age. Scary.

Big Head's Night In (1990)

Martin Wallace and I made three videos for Warp Records when they were starting out. This footage was used in the video for Aftermath by Nightmares on Wax, but I made it into a short in its own right. Big Head is played by Chris Wilson, who also made the sculptures. The music is a version of Lay Lady Lay by Claude Denjean.

Blue & Sepia Isabella (1990)

I found some large transparencies in the street. I took them home, stuck them on the front of the TV and filmed the results. The music is Pierre Henry again.

Jarvis Cocker

View Jarvis Cocker's Early Films