Body Language

The Israeli answer to Lightning Bolt, Tel Aviv terrors Monotonix don't so much play to the audience as become engrained within them, bringing their pummeling attack down below seat level and right into punters' faces (so to speak). If the thought of having three sweaty, hairy Israeli men crawling over your girlfriend and drinking your rum 'n' coke isn't appealing, then perhaps the band's debut EP, Body Language, is where your relationship with the band should begin and end.

Their sound is nothing new under the sun; a grungy, raggedy mix of MC5 bluster and Melvins-esque bottom-end squall, but its delivered with such conviction, such venom that's it's impossible not to get taken in by "Summers and Autumns"' sun-baked psychedelic weirdness, or the title-track's tasty southern-fried licks and classic rock incantations. Add in some suitably scuzzed-out production from Tim Green (Fucking Champs honcho overlord) and you've got the stuff rock 'n' roll wet dreams, albeit rehashed and remolded, are made of.

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Body Language