NYC: Hex Message And Kria Brekken Get Weird At The New Museum

Tonight you’ll be able to find us at the third installment of Get Weird At The New Museum with Hex Message (also known as the band featuring Dan Hougland of Excepter, Abigail Portner of Rings, Pascal Spengemann of the Taxter and Spengemann gallery, and DUN Dun dun….our dude Andrew Kuo, stepping out from behind the paintings and graphs and playing a guitar. Consider us hyped.) Also playing is Kria Brekken, who you may remember as the woman who did an album with Avey Tare of Animal Collective that was backwards and then everyone made it go forwards and realized it was good both ways. What we’re saying is that we’re ready for anything and plan on getting as weird as possible in the hours alloted to us. Last time we sat cross legged, this time we might again, but also maybe not. Who knows! Either way, we still plan on getting weird. If you hurry you can still buy tickets here.

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