Listen To A New Darker My Love Tune

We first got word last September that Darker My Love was working on a new record, and now we finally have a release date. They will release their sophomore album, creatively titled 2, on August 5. The band is comprised of Andy Granelli (The Distillers), Rob Barbato, Jared Everett, Will Canzoneri and Tim Presley (Nerve Agents), and they make music that fans of My Bloody Valentine and The Velvet Underground will love.

Want a sneak peek at some of the new material? The guys just put up a new tune on their MySpace player called "Blue Day." Hints of old school psychedelic Dandy Warhols can be heard in addition to the band's previous shoegazer sound. If this is anything like the rest of the album, and we have a feeling that it is, then it's safe to say that listeners are going to be in for a very special treat later this summer.

Darker My Love


Listen To A New Darker My Love Tune