Download - My Morning Jacket "Evil Urges"

The weather outside is getting warmer, and something about this makes us think of My Morning Jacket. Possibly it's the band's beachy vibe at last year's ACL? Regardless, we are waiting anxiously for the band's upcoming release this year. Want a hint? The band posted a message and download of "Evil Urges," which we are offering up here.

A posting on the band's website read, "hello all you fine and wonderful people out there that are interested in what we do. we now live in the 90's - the era of the interweb and instant gratification. these are confusing times for all humankind, but especially for those of us in the music world as you well know... a week or so ago we played some of our new songs for the first time at a show in houston tx! about an hour later all of those songs were available on the interweb- talk about speed!!! since those and other non-album audiovisual recordings are available to people on the interweb, we wanted to make at least one "real" song version available (if one was interested in what the "real actual studio album" might sound like) to those of you who have supported us most and have seemed most excited about what we are doing over the years."

To read the rest of the piece from the band click here, and download "Evil Urges" below for free.

MP3 Download - "Evil Urges"

My Morning Jacket


Download - My Morning Jacket "Evil Urges"