Texas Musicians And Artists (And Sebadoh) Get Together To Fight Cystic Fibrosis

Some cities across our nation have developed music scenes that truly act like a community, helping each other out with necessary. This happens to be the case in Dallas, where a group of musicians and local artists have gotten together to create a compilation CD, concert and art show, all under the name of UltraViolet, to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

UltraViolet was created by Kirk and Rebecca Dixon, who have both been deeply involved in the North Texas music scene since my days in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Dixons have a personal reason for creating UltraViolet, as their youngest daughter, Violet, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was a toddler. Rebbecca said: "The research being done by The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is helping improve the lives and the outlook for CF patients like Violet. The CF Foundation has already made such an impact in the quality of Violet's life, we wanted to gather our friends from the local music and art communities to support The Foundation's work."

The benefit concert and art show will take place on April 26 at Club Dada, featuring performances by El Gato, Lovie, Wonderfool, Bridges and Blinking Lights, Sunward, The Felons, Blue Petal and Disconnected In '73. The compilation CD will contain tracks from local artists Baboon, Tim Delaughter (of Polyphonic Spree), Smile Smile and many more, as well as a live track from Sebadoh. Cool, right? The disc will be available at the benefit concert, and online sale information will be posted soon. Check their official MySpace page for more information. In the meantime, here is the tracklisting:

01. Lovie - "Violets And Roses"*
02. Baboon - "Can't Be Wrong" (radio edit)
03. Josh King (from The Lemurs) - "Crony"*
04. Tim Delaughter (from Polyphonic Spree) - "Checking Out"*
05. Blue Petal - "Blue Balloon Girl"
06. Bridges And Blinking Lights - "On The Wall"*
07. Calhoun - "Hunting"
08. Sebadoh - "Happily Divided" (live)*
09. The Crash That Took Me - "Purple Clouds"
10. Deep Blue Something - "In A Dry County"*
11. Fishing For Comets" - "Acrobat"
12. Sunward - "Astronaut"
13. Doug Burr - "Slow Southern Home"
14. The Felons - "Worse For Wear"*
15. Mother (Evan Hisey from Polyphonic Spree) - "Step In The Light"*
16. The Backsliders - "Cry"
17. Disconnected In '73 - "Here With Me"*
18. Smile Smile - "Taking Its Toll"
19. Wonderfool - "Divine"
20. Somebody's Darling - "Love That Leaves"*
21. El Gato - "By Your Side"*
* denotes previously unreleased track

UltraViolet Official Website

Texas Musicians And Artists (And Sebadoh) Get Together To Fight Cystic Fibrosis