Underworld To Broadcast Live Internet Show On Wednesday

To help get us through Hump Day, the legendary UK elctronica group Underworld will be taking over the interwebs for a new live internet radio broadcast, starting at 1pm EST. This will be the first of their quarterly series, with broadcasts taking place in June, September and then March of next year.

So why broadcast a show online? Underworld's Karl Hyde explained: "The first time we did a broadcast in the studio we could see thousands of people logging on. We were playing our own tunes, jamming, chatting, we had a webcam up, a chat-room - people could talk to us. Rick was pulling stuff out of the archive that had never been heard - unreleased, unfinished stuff - oh it was such a buzz".

We'll be taking a break from work on Wednesday to check this out. If you choose to do so as well, don't let your boss catch ya. The broadcasts will be live, and will then be available on demand afterwards, so you'll be able to catch it during non-work hours as well. These will be taking place at underworldlive.com.

Underworld's Broadcast Dates
04.23.08 - 1pm EST
06.11.08 - 1pm EST
09.10.08 - 1pm EST
12.10.08 - 1pm EST
03.11.09 - 1pm EST


Underworld To Broadcast Live Internet Show On Wednesday