Days Of My Escape

Travel By Sea's second LP, Days Of My Escape, is another lesson in the power of less is more. Kyle Kersten and Brian Kraft return to our headphones with 11 tracks and 44 minutes of what is now a signature sound of hushed lullabies and midnight crackles. Put out by Autumn Tone, the band's sophomore effort is full of the kind of the country music that creeps around at night ("Too Much Too Quickly") and walks through the woods ("Shake You") just to find a seat on a train ("Let It All Die Down") from Denver to California.

Kersten's soft vocal attack is the highlight on Days Of My Escape. He wants you to listen, but is afraid to ask. Ever had an overwhelming feeling to get out of the silly city or town you're in? Get away from the honking horns, the homeless asking for just one more dollar, and the bongos in the subway? That quiet is his voice. Even on the "rocker," "When It Slowly Fades," Kersten's anti-twang finds a way to sound like a rainy day vacation. It's a hard skill to stumble upon, but he seems to have found it pretty early on in his days.

Days of My Escape is just where you and I want to be..."20 miles to the Blue Ridge."

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Days Of My Escape