Download - KaiserCartel "Okay"

One Brooklyn-based duo that we've been keeping our eye (and ears) on is KaiserCartel. They have a brand new album, March Forth, which is currently set for release on June 10 via bluhammock music. For starters, here is a fun fact: Courtney Kaiser spent time as John Mellencamp's backing singer. We bet that she has some amusing stories from those days. She now joins Benjamin Cartel, who make some mighty fantastic indie-folk together.

March Forth is their first LP, which was recorded in Los Angeles at Track Record Studios with producer Matt Hales, who you might know a little better as Aqualung. Although we're still a few months away from the release of the full album, we can give you a taste by offering up the album track "Okay" as a free MP3 download. Check it!

MP3 Download - "Okay"

Photo by Tony Nelson


Download - KaiserCartel "Okay"