Live - Midnight Juggernauts @ Mezzanine | SF

I have to confess: I am absolutely loving this new wave of discopunkelectrorockdanceathon-type music. I know there is a fine line in what makes this new trend of music more electronic versus discopunk versus ______, but I figure if the bottom line is if the dudes on stage succeed in making me dance, I'll like it regardless of label.

Last week I got an email with the best words in a row I like to see: "Go easy on your pocket and come check out Midnight Juggernauts at Mezzanine for the first show of their U.S. tour! FREE FOR ALL!" Well, pull my arm why don't you? The 'Nauts are in the same string of these bands right now delivering up a smörgåsbord of tracks carefully crafted of one part disco, one part synth, one part keys, and all parts foreign (or so it seems). Thus my sick ass (allergies curse you) trekked out to witness these Aussies take stage.

For having their first full-length not even come out in the States until May 9, the three blokes from Down Under sure know what they're doing. More successful tracks played from new debut album "Dystopia" were ones with the heavier bass and synth-riddled beats: "Ending of an Era" emitting a Daft-Punk homage of echo-y pounds and "Nine Lives" carrying a fluffy, happy vibe of the good days of rave, and "Road To Recovery" delivering such heavy bass my butt was feeling the vibrations as I leaned against the wall. And while slower-type songs like "Scorpius" got slightly lost in the murkiness of being a 'ballad,' the Juggernauts are on the train to fine tuning with catchy-as-all-hell "Into The Galaxy," sounding like a bit if Klaxons decided to go on sabbatical for three years and emerging with a masterpiece of dance with a fusion of David Bowie and Boston somehow on vocals.

"Thank you so much for coming out, and on a Wednesday too," said the lead singer as the band adjusted themselves for the second half of their set. "It's our first headlining date in the U.S.! Ever!" The band is due to tour more this year; try to catch them before they become big and you end up complaining about not being able to see over that hipster's giant fro. After all, they are Justice-approved.

04.25.08 - Indio, CA (Coachella)
04.29.08 - Denver, CO (Hi-Dive)
05.02.08 - Chicago, IL (Double-Door)
05.03.08 - Toronto (Mod Club)
05.04.08 - Montreal, QC (Les Saints)
05.06.08 - Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
05.07.08 - Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brendas)
05.09.08 - New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)

(Thank you, Omar, for that Boston reference. Who knew?)

Midnight Juggernauts


Live - Midnight Juggernauts @ Mezzanine | SF