Yet Another Website To Help You Discover Music

When word started to spread that Peter Gabriel was involved in creating a new social network-ish music-ish website, curiosity definitely got the best of me. I have no problem whatsoever public declaring my obsession with Gabriel, as I've been a fan of his since my youth. In fact, the first 7" single that I ever purchased was for "Shock The Monkey," which still resides in my vinyl collection.

The website he has been aiding is called The Filter, which basically helps people discover new music and films that fit within their world of favorites. I finally got my account for their beta test today, so I've spent a little time investigating what it is all about. Although it is still a bit glitchy, the basic interface is quite simple to navigate. For both music and movies, you can select and rate both genres and artists, TV programs, web video and movie titles, and by using a slider, you can select how much you either like or dislike the selection.

After setting up a few likes and dislikes, you can jump to your main music or movie page, where The Filter "filters" out what should match your tastes. Obviously, this is something that you would finely tune with each visit as you continue to add to your favorites, but for the little time I've spent so far, it has been spot on.

I spent much more time on the music side, which recommended Doves, Wilco, Arcade Fire and Ryan Adams, among others. If there is an artist or song that you are interesting in checking out, you can preview the audio, and then can purchase from Amazon, iTunes and a few other online outlets. Hopefully as The Filter grows, it will begin to bring up slightly more obscure and/or upcoming titles and artists, but so far it seems to be on the right track.

Waste a little time by signing up for The Filter. You might just discover a new film, TV show or band that you've been missing out on.

The Filter

Yet Another Website To Help You Discover Music