Nick Thornburn + Jim Guthrie = Human Highway

Human Highway was created back when Islands were touring with solo musician Jim Guthrie. Nick Thornburn from Islands hit it off with Guthrie, and shortly thereafter this side project was born. The duo is now set to release their debut album, Moody Motorcycle, on August 19 via Suicide Squeeze.

The sound of Human Highway is described as '50s and '60s soul combined with doo-wop, and is compared to The Everly Brothers. The tunes were recorded in Guthrie's Toronto home over the course of one week. The guys set up shop in his living room, basically doing nothing but recording and sleeping on the sofa until the project was done.

We dig Islands, so this could be a pretty interesting record to check out. Too bad we have several months still to wait until we can give it a listen.


Nick Thornburn + Jim Guthrie = Human Highway