Portishead Speaks Out On Prince

If we could only pick one out of all the bands that are gracing the multiple stages at Coachella this weekend that we would kill to see, hands down it would have to be Portishead. Granted we would rather see them in a small club, or better yet, our living room, but we will take what we can get.

We admire member Geoff Barrow for always speaking his mind too. The man is no stranger to making his thoughts publicly known, and he doesn't really seem to care who he might piss off in the process. In a recent interview BBC6 had with Geoff he commented on the upcoming Coachella show, and his thoughts on Prince playing the festival.

"It was gonna be us and Kraftwerk, which was amazing for us to play with Kraftwerk. Then I knew the tickets hadn't been selling well for the concert, so they put Prince in. Prince is gonna turn up with a forty person entourage," continued the Portishead man. "With the sound men not allowing us to sound check, then you end up with this horrible situation where you're playing to a shed load of Americans without a sound check."

According to Drowned In Sound, the situation when the two take the stage at Empire Polo Field could be "awful." The band is taking no chances as Barrow went on to comment, "[that they] hired another two people just to make sure the sound's good... just to fight in our corner."

We have to admit, anything that might potentially ruin Portishead's audio would irk us as well, but we would like to think that everyone would just get along and play nice. Oh, whom are we kidding?



Portishead Speaks Out On Prince