Damon Albarn Preps New Music

The news about Blur not reuniniting and the lack of another Gorillaz release anytime soon has left a chunk of Damon fans moping (us included). The good news is that Damon Albarn is still a music-writing machine, and actually plans on releasing a new album in July (overseas).

In a recent interview with BBC Damon commented on the record saying, "I'm finishing off a record at the moment which should be out quite soon. This one's got about 80 or 90 musicians on it - something in that region. It's got a 100 piece Chinese choir on one of the tunes, so that plus the orchestra probably goes to about 120, 130 people."

No word yet on a title, but Damon did comment, "There's a monkey or two in there at least - bit like Gorillaz as well. It's not an opera; it's a proper record. And it's all in Mandarin I can tell you that for sure! I just kind of put all my passion into what I'm doing at that moment. It's nice that things kind of stick around a while so it gives the impression that there are lots of things but I do one thing at a time generally. I have only two arms, two legs."

To read more from the interview, check out BBC6.

Damon Albarn Preps New Music