Live - Cut Copy @ Mezzanine | SF

You know how sometimes I get too brutally honest for these ol' reviews I write? Let's talk about solar powered pipes for a moment. They are fancy, sleek silver, and I was introduced to one at Saturday's Simian Mobile Disco/Cut Copy show. After all, it was Earth Week.

But before my acquaintance with being nice to Mother Earth and MJ, I was first introduced to Aussie trio Cut Copy, fresh off a Coachella run the night before. "Oh, fuck Coachella," said front man Dan Whitford much to the delight of the Mezzanine crowd, who supported this statement with whoops and hollers of appreciation. "This is where the party's at, yeah?"

I don't know what the Tasman Sea and the Indian Ocean have in them, but Melbourne's Cut Copy is obviously reaping the benefits of coming from coastal Australia. Their set, largely based off new record In Ghost Colours, amped, pumped, and tangoed with the crowd for its entire duration. It's a very likable, dance pop record full of Whitman's soothing and bright vocals, and smart, well-placed synth for maximal dance time. The band talk a lot about dancing with girls and hearts and being someone's baby, and I'm all for that. Single "Lights & Music" is downright one of the catchiest songs of the year, starting out with this beautiful effervescent beat before launching into a bass whirl of time and a New Order-infused keys, and this is all live. The rhythm section seems to be the strongest in the band, as also evidenced on "Out There On The Ice" and "Hearts On Fire," the band continuing to break out the hits one after the other. They have the ability to nail this winning composition of a slight build-up from their already-catchy formula, providing a steady pulse for the crowd to dance to. We were standing in the back, and all the heads in front of me were bobbing in time; it was so incredible to see a band receive such warmth from the audience after not being in San Francisco for the past two years (they promptly apologized for this fact at the beginning of their set).

Needless to say, I wasn't surprised to see the crowd thin out after Cut Copy, so I took advantage of advancing my way up to the front with a different set of friends I happened to bump into in the smoking area. As Simian Mobile Disco took stage, I was surprised to discover that there's only two of them in the band; one took a stance behind what looked like a giant, square 4'x'4' computer tower, complete with multiple outputs and inputs and wires for days. The other guy I think took a place behind a laptop, but I was slightly too busy getting my drink and illegal activity on to confirm. I found myself in the middle of a dance pit, and I happily obliged to indulge in the romp. Simian Mobile Disco has a dirtier, heavier, more furious feel to their electronics, more something I'd find at an underground house party or night club: slinkier, immediate, and definitely grind-worthy. I was slightly bummed that there are no live vocals for their anthems, but it didn't stop be from spazzing to "Hustler" or "It's The Beat."

Outside I heard praises of both bands from audience members on their way out; I got my little slice of Coachella this night, sweat, booze, pot smoke, and dancing in all. Once home, I crawled my inebriated ass to bed, munching on leftover Chinese food and knowing I was going to pay in the morning for my shenanigans, but hey - it's all in the life of a music reviewer; I suppose.

Cut Copy

Live - Cut Copy @ Mezzanine | SF