Download - Motocade "Soap Opera" + Video

It has been a little while since we've mentioned the New Zealand indie rockers Motocade. Out of nowhere, we received an email from bassist Scott Sutherland, who tipped us of that they've been hard at work completing their first full-length album. The fellas are expecting to have it wrapped up and ready for release by mid-year, so fortunately we won't have to wait long.

The entire Tripwire crew really dug the band's previous EP, Into The Fall, so needless to say we were quite thrilled to see that they also sent us the MP3 for a brand new track, "Soap Opera." They're in fine form, with this track packed with infectious post-punk indie rock. Check out the video and download the MP3 below. Once we have a bit more information on their upcoming new album, we will definitely let you know.

MP3 Download - "Soap Opera"

"Soap Opera"


Download - Motocade "Soap Opera" + Video