Coldplay's Free Download A Success

Well, if anybody ever doubted the popularity of Coldplay, or if a portion of their fans were perhaps not tech-savvy enough to navigate a free online download, they were proven wrong. Yesterday, Coldplay released their new single, "Violet Hill," for one week of free downloads from their official website. The crew over at have been offering a stream of the track, which was listened to over 33,000 times as of early this morning. It is currently on track to be the most popular song ever tracked on the site.

We haven't heard any specific numbers for the downloads, but a spokesperson for the band said that the response has been "incredible." They told the BBC that there was such a demand yesterday, it "slowed everything down in the first 40 minutes." Apparently that is all fixed, so downloading should be back to normal speeds now.

The Tripwire crew downloaded the track yesterday and gave it a couple of listens. If this is any indication of what the rest of the Brian Eno & Markus Dravs-produced songs on Viva La Vida sound like, the guitars have gotten a bit edgier and Coldplay has pushed a bit in a different direction. It isn't a whole new musical formula for the band, but at least on "Violet Hill," the glossy guitars have been pushed away, so this has the potential to be interesting.


Coldplay's Free Download A Success