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Freeload: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, "Woodfriend"

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Milesbenjaminanthonyrobinson. It's a mouthful, but we've been getting used to it (calling him M-Bar or just Miles) ever since his eponymous debut arrived in our mailbox a couple weeks back. It's full of moody stormers like the righteous "Woodfriend", and his bio is biblical in wasted opportunity and dramatic recovery, which is one of our favorite rock archetypes. So while his album doesn't come out until July, New Yorkers can probably hear most of it, and witness the dude's reportedly monumental live show, when young Miles and his Black Boys grace Mercury Lounge tonight and Union Hall tomorrow.

Download: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, "Woodfriend"

Freeload: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, "Woodfriend"