Roger Waters' Missing Pig Has Been Found

Yesterday we mentioned that Coachella was offering a very nice reward for the return of Roger Waters' two-story high inflatable pig, which practically went into orbit after flying away during the artist's back-to-back sets. Well, it seems that at least one portion of the missing hog has been found.

According to the Palm Springs website MyDesert, two couples spotted what could be at least a chunk of the piggy in their La Quinta, CA driveway. We checked out Google Maps to see exactly how far the pig floated, and La Quinta is approximately 7.2 miles away from the Coachella grounds in Indio, CA. It is kind of amusing that the capitalist pig landed inside a country club.

After a bit of investigating, it was confirmed that about half of the pig was definitely found. The two couples will be splitting the cash reward as well as the lifetime Coachella tickets.

So exactly how did Waters' inflato-pig get away? Organizers stated that the balloon was held using lines similar to those in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, so they're investigating to see what happened, or to find out who let go.

You can read the entire piggy update here.

Roger Waters' Missing Pig Has Been Found