Live - The Kills @ Webster Hall | NYC

You know how people always say that a party doesn't get good until the police show up? Well, during The Kills show at NYC's historic Webster Hall, the fire department showed up... for a real fire emergency!

The band had just finished a rousing version of "No Wow," and were tuning up for their next song, and then all of a sudden, one of NYC's finest bum-rushed the stage and told the assembled crowd that they were stopping the show. You could feel a second of palatable panic in the crowd, where everyone was deciding if they were going to run or stay put. Luckily, the small fires were put out, and the band was back in action in 15 minutes!

So, how was the show itself, you ask? This was the first time seeing The Kills, and I was uber-excited, as their newest album, Midnight Boom, has been on a virtual repeat loop on my iPod. I'm a big fan of strong, unique female rocker voices, and The Kills' Alison Mosshart is delivering the goods in a big way. I've heard that in the past, Alison wasn't much of a stage presence, preferring to smoke cigarettes and stand facing away from the audience. But during this performance, she seemed to embrace her inner rocker- with her government-issued rocker scarf casually thrown about her neck, Mosshart prowled the stage like a female Robert Plant, shaking her head and rocking her body in time to the guitar riffs laid down by her partner-in-rhythm, Jamie Hince.

Speaking of Jamie, kudos goes out to him for being the perfect compliment for Mosshart on stage. His ability to play while providing the requisite amount of stage dynamics with his band mate (while letting her shine) is a true talent, and one that the audience quickly picks up on. The duo is dynamite together, and they seem to genuinely enjoy each other's presence.

Highlights of the evening included a rowdy version of "Sour Cherry," and a zippy, stylized version of "No Wow" (it sucks that the firemen chose this point to stop the show, as it kind of killed a great point of momentum. A sweet version of "Goodnight Bad Morning" made the night for me (however, I was bummed that the duo did not play "Black Balloon," by far my favorite song on their new release. Oh well). Overall, the band did not disappoint... the audience seemed to pick up that they were seeing something quite homegrown and special, while the band definitely fed off of the adulation that was flung from the crowd.

As a looped reel of performances from (in) famous rock icons flashed behind the band (including Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Mick Jagger, and Gram Parsons) transitioned into a mini-documentary flick about the band themselves, it seemed to serve as an announcement to the rock world that The Kills have arrived as the new power band on the scene. Get ready for the fever!


"U.R.A. Fever"

"Pull A U"
"Sour Cherry"
"Tape Song"
"No Wow (*Fire interruption*)"
"Alphabet Pony"
"Last Day of Magic"
"Kissy Kissy"
"The Good Ones"
"What New York Used To Be"
"Cheap and Cheerful"
"Fried My Little Brains"
"Goodnight Bad Morning"

"Love Is A Deserter"
"The Search For Cherry Red"
"Fuck The People"

The Kills


Live - The Kills @ Webster Hall | NYC