Christophe Lemaire Makes Us Feel Less Cool… And We Are Really Cool

We don’t often make overtures like this, but we have been on Lacoste creative director Christophe Lemaire’s website for the last three hours obsessing over his new S/S 2008 collection, reading his bio, Google image searching, pasting ourselves into photos of him, wishing we could live on a website, thinking about him a lot, and we want to put it out there that we are fortunately in search of a new friend. Lemaire, hit us up. And don’t worry dudes, if anyone comes up behind you and wonders why you’ve been looking at a French fashion site half the day, just tell them that you are listening to Lemaire’s flawless audio player which includes wisely chosen jams from Ariel Pink, Arthur Russell, Bo Diddley, J Dilla, The Flamingos and more.

POSTED May 7, 2008 1:03PM IN MUSIC NEWS Comments (2)




  1. ashamed says:

    what.the.fuck. update yo’ links fader

  2. Peter Macia says:

    YOW! haha. fixed.