Exclusive Download - sBACH "Track 05"

So you might be curious who in the hell is sBACH. Well, lets clear that up right now. sBACH is the project of Spencer Seim, axe-man for Hella and drummer for The Advantage. He will be dropping his own album under this moniker on August 19 via Suicide Squeeze.

The label's press release included a priceless description of his music: "sBACH by sBACH is a frenetic mélange akin to the collective sights, sounds and sugar rushes in the heads of an entire elementary school being locked into a Chuck E. Cheese franchise while having to subside on an all you can eat buffet of Fun Dip and Pixie Stix as the animatronic band dishes out phosphorescent doom riffs while running amok with the blips and bleeps."

We've only heard a few tracks so far, but this is pretty much right on. The spastic electro-rock-pop-insanity is most definitely worth a listen, and we can hook you up. The Tripwire has an exclusive sneak peek with a MP3 download for the song "Track 05." Yup, that is the song title. Dig it...

MP3 Download - "Track 05"


Exclusive Download - sBACH "Track 05"